Camel’s Hump Mountain Hike

Today, at around 3:00, we drove an hour or so to the trailhead of the Camel’s Hump Mountain trail. The trail is 7.8 miles round trip, we were hoping to do all of it, however, we were short on time.

The start of the hike was a steady, semi-steep incline, which worsened, then sort of flattened out around half way up. The biggest surprise of the hike was that on the way up, a hiker warned us that there was slippery snow as you get close to the top. We expected just a little bit of snow here and there, but as it turned out, there was tons of snow, completely covering the ground. The snow was anywhere from 6 inches to 2.5 feet deep, and in the parts where it was packed down, it was extremely slippery which was a problem for the little girls. Not only did the snow make the hike harder, but the terrain was very diverse, we had to cross a creek in the snow for like 20 feet, jumping from rock to rock, there were also a few rocks that we had to climb, but in the end, it got to late, so we had to turn around just under three miles into the hike.

The main reason that we had to quit was because of the snow, the slipperyness was an accident waiting to happen, especially since my dad had to carry Rose on his back. We made it back down at around 8:30, though I did fall a couple of times, and my backside was quite wet from sledding down the snow, we were still alive.

The hike might have been my favorite if we had made it to the top and we got to see the view, and hopefully I will be back to conquer the beast.


Only our second snow all year! (the first was in Sedona, but it barely counted as snow.)
Snowy trail.
At our destination.
Crossing the creek.
Down a steep hill.
Purple mountain majesty. (I am not sure if my camera captured it.)


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  1. If I had doubts before now I am sure your family is cra-cra ! Always glad when I find out dangerous things you do after the fact!
    At least your sister Mary looks really happy in the one pic.
    I’ll just be glad when you get back here to normal life (which is dangerous enough)! Stay safe!

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