Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Tour

Today, at around four, we drove 45 minutes to the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. When we got there, we immediately got tickets for the factory tour, then, after waiting for a few minutes, the tour started. The first part of the tour was a video that took us through the history of Ben and Jerry’s. After the video, we walked to some windows that overlooked the factory, and learned about the process of making ice cream. After that, we got to sample a flavor, then the tour was over, and we bought three pints of ice cream, and ate them outside, then we walked over to the flavor graveyard, which had a gravestone for every deceased flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. If you ever find yourself in Northern Vermont, I would recommend stopping by Ben and Jerry’s.

By the van.
Ben and Jerry.
R.I.P Vermonty Python.

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  1. That sounds like a fun tour. The graveyard is a cute idea. Papa would love that place because of his love for ice cream!

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