Bryce Canyon, Part 1

Yesterday we arrived at Bryce Canyon. It is just two hours from Zion so after we unhitched,(which included my dad breaking his nose.) we had some time to go into the park and explore. We went to an overlook that gave us a nice view of the park, and walked along the rim for a short distance. Today we went to Bryce at around nine o,clock and went for a three mile hike, we started on the Navajo loop which was very beautiful, it took us down to the bottom of the Canyon and we got a good view of the hoodoos. (the pillars of rock that Bryce is famous for.) Then we branched of on another trail that took us back up the canyon.We are all very exited for the eclipse tomorrow, but we are praying for clear skies because the forecast says it will be partly cloudy all day tomorrow. we all made eclipse boxes to view the eclipse.

Family Selfie!
The Navajo loop.
Navajo loop Again.
Photo de famille. The person that took our picture was french.
Friendly chipmunk.
Rose at a ranger talk after the hike.
Making eclipse boxes.


2 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon, Part 1”

  1. So fun Drew! We had a spectacular view of the Eclipse in Aunt Lois’s yard with her husb. and Judy and Loyd! And people (some) question God’s existence.

  2. Hi Andrew! Will, Cece and I just finished getting caught up with your blog, we were on vacation for a while. You had us all captivated and laughing with your updates!! We love reading about your adventures and will keep checking for more.
    We miss all of the Lieslands (but mostly you 😀) Will started Cross Country at Indian Hills this week, and cello next week. Rex starts on the 7th and I’m sure you will be missed there too. Keep up the great work on your blog and enjoy your time with your family!!
    Sheila, Will and Cece

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