Adventure Ratings

We have now driven 3,221 miles. That is the same distance as from Seattle, to Fort Myers Florida.So far we have all been enjoying this adventure, however Mari, and Elliot claim that they would rather be living a normal life in Des Moines.

Adventure Ratings!!!!!!!!!

Susan, 9/10 stars.
Rob, 8/10 stars.
Me, 9/10 stars.
Mari, 2/10 stars,(I don’t believe that.)
Elliot, 8/10 stars.
Lucia, 9/10 stars.
Rose, This one/10 stars.

1 thought on “Adventure Ratings”

  1. Well glad the consensus is good! I’m afraid I’d feel like Mari. I’d like it for maybe 2 wks,, I’m not an adventurer, wish I was!

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