We made it to Washington on Saturday. We were planning on staying in glacier for another week, but there were wildfires where we were going to stay. There was talk of going to Colorado, but we decided to stick to the original plan and go to western Washington. We are currently staying by a lake in Winthrop, a small town just south of the Cascade mountains.

We got in late on Sunday so we didn’t have time to do anything but go to bed. On Sunday, after a morning of playing games we went to The Friendship Alliance, which is a small catholic church in town. Then we went to a grocery store in Twisp, a small town just east of Winthrop. In the evening we went down to the lake.

On Monday we did homeschooling in the morning and in then Dad picked us up and took us to a playground/library. Afterwards we went to the lake and took a freezing cold swim

On Tuesday we started of the day with homeschooling. In the afternoon we rented some paddleboards which was awesome! After dinner we watched Jurassic Park.

Wednesday came and brought  with it an overabundancy of homeschooling. The aftermath of the homeschooling left us with no choice but to go to the smoke jumper base. We got to take a tour of the base, which was really cool! We then went back to the RV. Then we explored downtown Winthrop.

On Thursday we stayed at the RV park all day. Rose got her first ever haircut! Other than that not much happened on Thursday.

Friday:laundry, groceries, fishing, kayaking,scenic drive.

Saturday was my moms 40th birthday! We started of the day with presents, then we went to Cinnamon Twisp, a bakery in Twisp. We all got Cinnamon Twisps which was very possibly the most delectable think to ever touch my taste buds. We then went on a 3.4 mile hike up a mountain to a wildfire lookout tower with a great view of the Cascade mountains. when we got back from the hike some of us went fishing (did I mention that we also got a fishing rod in this screwball week?) While the others stayed back at the RV. I caught my first fish with this rod, and I am proud to say that I Put the worm on the hook and took the fish off by myself:) Then we went back to downtown. For a surprise for my mom we were going to go to an old time photo parlor, which was super hilarious! Then we went out for pizza, then back to the RV for cake!

On Sunday we left for La Conner, Washington.

Cool car!
Pllayin’ by the lake.
Jumping off the dock.
More jumping.
Trying to lift the smoke jumpers pack.
Smoke jumper airplane.
Lucia and Rose.
Look at Elliot’s face.
New haircut!
Rose by her favorite stuffed animals!:)

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  1. So good to “finally” hear from Drew! You are die hard swimmers. No way would I get in frigid water.
    I’d have to stand the whole time while paddle boarding because if I knelt down I’d never be able to get up! Hee-hee!

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