Valley of Fire

Today we drove the one hour drive from our campground to Valley of Fire, a state park with amazing hiking. After arriving, we went on a super short .25 mile walk to Elephant Rock, a rock that looks like an elephant. After that, we drove for a minute or two to a hike called Fire Wave. Fire wave was a rock formation with red and white lines making it look like a wave. The hike was 1.25 miles long, of course, it took us a while. After the the the the hike we drove. another minute or two to another hike, this one called White Domes. I liked the White Domes hike better than any hike we did that day, because there was a wide variety of rocks and rock formations. We had a lot of fun climbing on the rocks on that hike. after the White Domes hike, we drove a little longer to one final hike, this one was famous for its petroglyphs. We didn’t spend too long on this hike so that we didn’t stay past dark. Then we drove for another hour to Costco.

If you ever find yourself in Los Vegas, I would highly recommend the Valley of Fire.

Still climbing.
Still climbing
In our compartments.
Still climbing.
Relaxing in the sand.
Still climbing.
I can’t believe i’m still climbing!
In front of a cool rock formation.
Still hiking.
Family picture.
Still hiking.
On top of a rock.
Kid picture.

2 thoughts on “Valley of Fire”

  1. very unique place. Never heard of petroglyphs , cool! I got tired just sitting and watching all the climbing pic’s. Glad you all had a compartment in which to rest!

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