The Strip

Today we went into the Las Vegas Strip. after parking at the Bellagio, we walked down to M&M World, which was basically a giant M&M store. We spent the rest of the evening walking around, until we got back to the Bellagio and watched the giant fountain. It was a fun evening.

Giant M&M!
Another giant M&M!
Me in front of New York.

In front of the Hershey’s store.
Eating a giant creme filled cookie treat. (We shared it)

2 thoughts on “The Strip”

  1. Sounds like a fattening place to me! Hey, when did you get your hair cute? Really looks nice!
    Also how did you get transported from LV to NY so fast?
    Have your mom tell you about when our fam. was there and the man laying in the bushes!

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