The Great Smoky Mountains

On Sunday we arrived at Glacier National Park. But, because of wild fires in the area it was very smoky. Half of the park is closed due to wild fires which is a bummer, But we are trying to make the most of our visit.

On labor day we went on a six mile hike to a cool lake. Then we went on a hike to Baring Falls, and Sun point, on St Mary lake.

On Tuesday we had our first day of school, then we went back to Sun Point. We even took a dip in the freezing lake.

We are not sure how much longer we will be able to too stay here because of the smoke. Hopefully we can finish of the week here. we are not sure where to go next because there are wildfires everywhere we wanted to go.

Park sign.
St Mary lake
Log balancing.
St Mary lake again.
I can’t belive we are still at St Mary lake!
The Grizz.
Sunset point.
Baring Falls.
Black bear.
Mountain goat.
Hidden lake.

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