The French Quarter

Today we went to the French Quarter, the most iconic area of New Orleans. We parked in a random street very close to Jackson Square. We then walked to Jackson Square, which, by the way, is named after me, Andrew Jackson Liesland. We got a picture of us in front of the cathedral, then we walked to a nice viewpoint of the Mississippi River. The highlight of my day was the beignets, a French treat that is like a small square funnel cake with loads of powdered sugar. We spent the rest of our time hopelessly looking in T-shirt shops to find Mari a shirt, which is impossible, because she is very particular, but does not know what she likes! Overall, New Orleans is not my favorite, every thing was very dirty, and smelled like stale beer, but it was a fun experience.

They even made a statue for me, how generous!
With the chapel.
And again.
beignets (pronounced: ben yays)
Rose with her Beignet.
Lucia trying on some Mardi Gras headwear

4 thoughts on “The French Quarter”

  1. I know it wouldn’t be my favorite place, esp. with your vivid discription!
    I can just taste those funnel cakes. That chapel is beautiful, can you go inside?

  2. Love the headband Lucia!! Yes Andrew, you have really contributed to the city of New Orleans! You deserve all the statues and buildings built in your honor!

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