Today we went surfing!! It was possibly the most fun I have ever had! We got to the place where we were going to meet the instructor right on time at 2:15, then we went to his van to get our wet suits on. The wet suits were not too comfortable, and quite hard too get on as well, but we got them on, put on our booties, and finally get our surfboards! It was a short walk down to the beach, but it was hard because we were carrying our surfboards over our heads. When we made it to our spot on the beach we set our boards down and practiced our standing up on our surfboard, and talked about general surfing rules. Fortunately, we didn’t spend too much time on the beach and after about fifteen minutes, we finally hit the water! It was a very weird feeling getting in to the water, but not feeling it because of our wet suits, in fact the 53 degree water felt warm! For the first hour or so our instructors would push us when the wave came so we could get a feel for the actual surfing, but after about an hour some of us (including me!) were able to paddle a few waves on our own! According to our instructors, we picked a awesome day to go surfing, because there were not very many people surfing, and the waves were just the right size. And also Santa Cruz is the best place to learn too surf. After two hours of surfing we finally took one last wave to¬† the shore, put our gear back in the van, and went down the wharf for dinner.

Overall, surfing was amazing! It wasn’t too hard but it was still challenging, and our instructor said that we were the best at surfing of all of the families he ever taught!

Carrying our boards.
Still carrying our boards.
Practicing on the beach.
Still surfing!
Still surfing!!

5 thoughts on “Surfing”

  1. Your description was so good that it made even me want to surf! at least in my head! I’m not surprised that your instructor thought you all were so good because you are all athletic and strong. So happy to hear you had so much fun. Hope someone got some videos of it,,

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed it, I have surfed before, but never in a wet suit!!!! I have always wanted to try one on. Andrew, yours is the coolest. Green and black are one of my favorite color combos!!!!!!!!

  3. I know!!!! My wt suit was a special one! Our instructor said that he didn’t know why they had the one that I wore. He said that usually only the instructors get nice wet suits!

  4. Mr. Thompson (not Will)

    I’m extremely jealous, I have never successfully surfed but did try in NC and failed. I blamed the poor waves. Glad you enjoyed it but 50 degree water is quite chilly!

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