Saturday in Phoenix

After dropping my Mom off at the airport, we drove ten minutes from the airport to a funky mansion called ‘The Mystery House’. We weren’t sure if we were going to take a tour or what, so we decided to take a look at what was going on. We ended up taking a tour, and it was surprisingly interesting. The house dates back to 1930 when a man living in Seattle got tuberculosis and wanted to get away from his family so that they didn’t catch the disease. So, one night, he packed his bag and let the house without any letters or explanation. You can imagine how shocked his daughter and wife were when 15 years later, they were called to a lawyers office to discuss the will of their dad/husband. But they were even more surprised when they found out that he had been spending the last 15 years building a house for them, the daughter just died in 2010 and she wanted people to continue tours of the house.

After the Mystery Castle, we drove 45 minutes to where the Cincinnati Reds do their spring training, we didn’t do much there except look around the stadium and in the stadium store, unfortunately, they did not have a keychain. Then, we went to Costco, then we drove home.

We are not sure what we are going to do tomorrow, we may go back to Sedona, or to Montezuma’s Castle, which is now open, we even are considering taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon, we are keeping our options open.

In front of The Mystery Castle.
In The Mystery Castle.
Lucia and Rose by their favorite chair.
At the Red’s spring training facility.
Cleaning up after dinner, Mom would be proud.

2 thoughts on “Saturday in Phoenix”

  1. Your travels are still so interesting! All of your options for your next day trip sound GREAT! I would be excited to go to any of those places.
    Won’t you get tired of “Skyline”?

  2. Too bad the guy had to die before his fam. found out about where he was and what he was doing for them.
    Love that sunset pic. in two more days we’ll be experiencing the desert sunsets in person with you guys!

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