Santa Cruz

Today after 3.5 hours of driving, we made it to Santa Cruz. Well, we are actually staying just outside of Santa Cruz in Scott’s Valley California. We had a pretty normal drive, and a pretty normal evening, but for some reason, Hulu TV wouldn’t let me watch the world series! (GO ASTROS) Tomorrow, we are going to carve pumpkins, go to Costco to buy groceries and get the cardboard I need for my vending machine costume, and hopefully check out Santa Cruz.

P.S. We are going surfing in a week, which is going to be totally gnarly!


1 thought on “Santa Cruz”

  1. Well I learned a new word “gnarly” is that similar to “rad”?
    Yes, surfing sounds fun sort of, in a scary way, in theory, for other people! Our old neighbor Katey Foley is in So. Africa for a semester and she’s also surfing. Stay safe! Love, mimi

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