San Francisco

Today we explored San Francisco. We took the BART into downtown. after getting of we walked one block to the cable car stop. After waiting for around two hours we finally got on, but it was worth the wait because we got prime seating hanging of the side of the car. It was slightly scary, especially when people parked really close to the tracks! Then we walked up some hills to the zigzag road, then we walked down to the Fisherman’s Wharf and ate lunch at a small cafe. After watching some street performers we went to Musee Mechanico which is an old time arcade. We wasted time there for about an hour, then we headed to peer 39, saw some sea lions, and resisted a giant crane game! after that adventure, we went to little Italy and got gelato to eat at the park, then we walked through Chinatown, until my aunt realized that her wallet was missing. After searching through her backpack and pockets, she still couldn’t find it! We ended up retracing our steps until we got back to the park. Then she got a text on facebook from someone who said that they had found her wallet! After getting the wallet back, we rode the bus back to the train station we got back on the BART and went back to our campground. Then we went swimming at our campground pool. It was certainly an exiting day!

Lots of windows!
Curvy Road.
Cable car.
View from the top of Curvy Road.
Sea Lions.
Cathedral by the park.
On the cable car.
Cable car tracks.
On top of Curvy Road.
Waiting for the cable car.
Relaxing in the campground pool.

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  1. FB came in handy for the good Samaritan who utilized it in locating Erin and returning her wallet and wouldn’t even take a tip. God bless him. He attributed his honesty to good parenting! Looks like you all had so much fun and when me and papa joined you the next day on Fisherman’s Warf it became even more fun! Ha! Loved spending time with you and seeing you again. So proud of our family!

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