Rainbow Falls Hike

On Saturday we went on our big hike. We were thinking of going on a 10 mile hike, but we needed a good structured backpack to carry Rose in and the one we tried didn’t work out. We decided to go on the 5.5 round-trip hike to Rainbow Falls. The hike to the falls was very beautiful, but it felt like longer than 2.75 miles because we were hiking up a mountain. The falls were 80 feet high (the tallest in the smokies.) The Rainbow Falls trail ends at the a part of the creek after the falls where you can see the falls well, but you can climb up some rocks to right under the falls. On a good day you can see a rainbow through the mist the falls put of, unfortunately it was not a “good day.” There is an option to keep on hiking up to the top of mount LeConte but that would be another 4 miles to the top. The way down was much easier than the way up and half way through the hike down Mari, Elliot, and I split up ¬†with the rest of our family and high-tailed it to the trailhead. If you ever find yourself in the Great Smoky Mountains I would highly recommend this hike.

Sitting on a cool rock
Family selfie by the falls.
Picture on the bridge over roaring fork creek.
Find the salamander.
Eating a snack on a rock.

My rock face.
Another family pick, I’m Testing out my new theory on why we smile in pictures. (You can see that my face is swollen from the wasp sting.)

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