Our (four) Christmas trees

We were debating if we were going to get a Christmas tree, and after finding a good deal ($18) for a 4 foot tall fake tree at Big!Lots W we decided to get one. We didn’t realize what a good deal it was until today when we opened the box, which we thought looked rather big, and found that there were four trees inside, each priced at $20! After some convincing we got our parents to let us keep all of them.

Decorating the tree.
Our trees!

6 thoughts on “Our (four) Christmas trees”

  1. Oh that’s pretty funny but met to be I think. 4 Xmas. trees in one RV to pretty amazing but fun and challenging to find a place for ea. of them. Be sure an show us the final result!
    70 degrees here yesterday, a record breaker. 55 today but nice and sunny.
    In GV we can take you up in the Santa Rita Mts which is just around 10 mi’s up from the valley GV is in and we hit snow, pretty cool (literally)!
    Happy tree trimming! Love, m

  2. Wow that’s a lot of trees we don’t even have one! (Or any Christmas decor that is) where are you guys now? And how do you like it, sounds top notch:)

    1. Yea, that’s pretty much a good way too put it! We are in Palm Springs, it is pretty dull because we are like the only people here under the age of 90. Not that I have anything against 90 year olds.

  3. Well, actually we aren’t going to put all of them up until about two weeks before Christmas. We saw a picture of a RV family that couldn’t find room for their tree so they put it on their ceiling. That will take some more convincing.

  4. when I was in college, only a few yrs. ago, some girls hung their tree from the ceiling in their rm. but since your ceiling is low I don’t see how that would help. But as they say where there’s a will there’s a way. Oh, I just had an idea, how about in your bath tub. You just don’t take a bath for 2 wk’s. Well it’s an idea, not a good one but an idea!

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