Orange Beach, Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally on July 29th, 2017 we arrived in Orange Beach, Alabama. We had planned this vacation before we knew we were going on a year long RV adventure. I have been looking forward to this for over a year. We stayed in a house right by the beach with our cousins and our friends. We got to Orange Beach at around 4:30 central time and immediately got our swimsuits on and went to the beach. We all had been stung by jellyfish by the end of the day, apparently a storm had washed a lot of sea creatures near the coast.

The next morning I took a walk along the beach with my cousin Cameron, and My brother Elliot. There was an immense amount of people with nets catching crab and we also saw a few stingray. Here is a schedule of our average day.

9:30-10:30, I wake up usually Mari and my cousin hope are up by now and so is everyone except for Nate,  my mother, Ian and sometimes Cam and Elliot.

10:00, Go to the beach with whoever will go with me.

12:00, Eat lunch, and maybe even play a game.

1:00, Go back to beach or go to pool.

1:00-5:00 Hang out at beach, pool, tennis courts, house, or wherever we want to go.

6:00 Eat dinner

7:00 Play games or go back to beach

8:30 Play games.

10:00, be unjustly sent to bed so our parents can have “alone time” (that means drink margarita pouches without disturbance.)

12:00-3:00, actually go to sleep.

On Wednesday we used some money that we saved for this vacation to go to “Waterville” which is an amusement park with a big water park attached. The amusement park had a roller coaster, go carts, mini gulf, and an arcade. The water park included a wave pool, racing slides, a artificial wave speed slides, tube slides,and a giant playground.

As the week progressed the animals became more scarce as the current took them back out to sea, which was actually a bit of a relief because I didn’t want to get stung by anymore jellyfish, and I especially didn’t want to be stung by a stingray. By the end of the week I had seen tons of clams, a couple little eels, tons of small stingrays and even a big stingray, dolphins, crabs, and of course fish. It was like a week long marine biology class!

Overall I had a blast hanging out in the ocean, playing games, skim boarding, boogie boarding, and letting the waves crash over me. Hopefully my dad can fix the air conditioning before we hit the road again.

Next stop, Texas!!!!!

Pictures are on there way.

First Orange Beach pic.
Power Grid.
The Gulf restaurant
Cousin picture at “the Gulf”
Family Picture at “the Gulf”
Group picture at “the Gulf”
Cold Morning.
Alligator riding
Playing in the waves
Final cousin picture:(

Orange beach highlights.



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