North Virginia -> Pohick Bay State Park/Washington DC

Today we drove eight hours to Pohick Bay State Park, which is about 45 minutes outside of DC, in Virginia. So far, I am loving the campground that we are staying at, It is medium in size, but it is in a forest, and it is up a hill from Pohick Bay, on the Potomac River. After dinner, we went for a walk down to the bay, then we hung out at the playground for an hour or so. We finished the evening off with some card games. Tomorrow, we are going to take public transit into the city, and spend the day touring the city.

Down by the Bay.

2 thoughts on “North Virginia -> Pohick Bay State Park/Washington DC”

  1. glad to hear you made it and like the camp ground. DC is pretty exciting to visit and very educational! ENJOY!

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