Noccolula Falls City Park

Yesterday we went to Noccolula Falls park. The park mainly has two parts there is one part where you can view the falls for free, but there is also a place where You can go underneath the waterfall but you have to pay. The place where you have to pay isn’t just the waterfall, it also has other activities such as a petting zoo, a train, And a historical pioneer village. We visited the part of the park that does not go by the waterfall earlier in the day. After my dad was done with work we went back into the park and hiked down to the waterfall. The waterfall was very cool and it put of alot of mist and if you went near it you would get wet. We then went a little bit further on the trail ¬†down to a little peninsula That gave us a good view of the falls.

Snack break. (I am in outer space with my granola bar)
Feeding my favorite donkey. I named him “Donk.”
On the train.
Noccolula Falls.
Me in the mist.
Rock climbing.

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