Little South Fork Kentucky

on Sunday we packed up in Cincinnati and headed to Little South Fork, Kentucky in Daniel Boone National Forest. The ride there was a bit scary because it was very hilly (I know i’m talking like an Iowan.)when we got there we set up camp then we unhitched our trailer and went to an overlook for the Cumberland River.

yesterday we went to Yahoo Falls, which is a 130 foot waterfall. It hasn’t rained in a while so the waterfall was just a trickle, it made a nice shower. We ate dinner behind the falls then we hiked up to a cool natural rock arch. On the way back to the car Mari almost stepped on a two foot long Eastern Timber Rattlesnake. Her amazing brother Andrew noticed it before she stepped on it :). On the way back to the travel trailer Elliot and I noticed a ton of chigger bites on us. I’d show you a picture of the three bites in my belly button but i’ll spare you the misery.

Today we went to the closest swimming pool which was 45 minutes away then we went to Cumberland falls, one of the biggest waterfalls in North America. So far Kentucky is really cool!!!!!!!!

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