Life in Green Valley

We have had a couple of laid-back days down here in Green Valley AZ. On Tuesday, I am not sure what happened outside of our Bedroom because I was sick all day:(

On Wednesday, we drove with my Grandpa in to Tucson and took a 2.5 mile walk around downtown, and some historical sights.

Today, we started the day of with homeschooling as usual, we spent the afternoon foolin’ around at the house, we finished the day with the Olympics.

Walking the teal line.

1 thought on “Life in Green Valley”

  1. Have enjoyed (are enjoying) your visit so much. It will be sad and lonely when you leave tomorrow! At least we’ve had very warm (unseasonably warm for Fe.!
    Enjoyed the Pickle Ball set Aunt Mary gave us for Christmas. More fitted for older people. Eating out tonight to celebrate your last day here.

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