Life at the campground

We have had a quiet few days at the campground here is a list to break down our few days.

1, Pool: We have gone to the pool for eight straight days!

2, Grapefruits: We have picked a couple grapefruits around our campground, they were very tasty.

3, Football: We threw football we bought at Target for a portion of the afternoon.

4, Walking: We have been going for walks around a country club just outside of our campground, just the other day we completed the “neighborhood challenge” which was just a walk around the whole country club, but it was our goal, so we feel very accomplished.

5, Pennies: When we got to the campground we kept finding pennies around the campground. Turns our their is a guy who we call Steve the Penny-Dropper, who drops pennies around the campground for people to find. We have started a penny collection.

6, Reading: We spend a portion of our free time reading.

7, Disneyland Dreaming: We spend the rest of our free time dreaming of Disneyland in one week.

5 thoughts on “Life at the campground”

  1. Sounds like a good way to spend your free time. A good exercise in being creative and never bored. Nice of the “Steve the Penny Dropper” to do that.
    Yesterday papa got $6 at 1/2 price book store for his books and when he went out in the pk. lot a man asked if he could spare $6 for bus fare to the so. side to get to his job! I call that a “God experience”. The man almost cried.
    Papa shook his hand and introduced himself to help preserve his dignity!
    Love those types of stories!

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