Life at the Campground with Ian Reagen The Master of Cool

We have had a fun few days down here in Phoenix. On Thursday we picked Ian up from the airport, then, after getting back to the RV, we went to the pool.

On Friday, we spent the day at the campground, we played some bocce ball, and went to the pool in the morning, in the afternoon, we went down to a restaurant on a dock by our campground. We orders a few appetizers and drinks. We spent the remainder of the evening roasting hunkin dunkins and marshmallows by the fire.

On Saturday, we went to downtown Scottsdale which is now a historical junction and prime tourist destination. We explored the area for a couple of hours, then we went to the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum).  The MIM was very cool, it offered many exhibits featuring music from many different countries and cultures, and hands on activities. We spent a few hours looking around, then we called it a cool museum and left at closing.Then we went to the pool.

At the airport.
Bocce ball.
Ian’s Birthday cake.
Dillon’s Bayou.
Sunset pic
Roastin’ hunkin dunkins.
Old Town Scottsdale.
At the MIM.
Guitar display.
Silly pic.

2 thoughts on “Life at the Campground with Ian Reagen The Master of Cool”

  1. You guys look pretty happy with cousin Ian there. And then you can look forward to seeing him again during spring break! God is good!
    Love the pic’s , thanks!

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