Jedediah Smith State Park

On Wednesday we went to Jedediah Smith State Park. We went on a two mile hike through Stout Grove, one of the few groves that were not forested in the 1800s. It was a very beautiful hike with lots of trees to climb on. We even went into a tree that we had to enter by climbing in to a small hole in the roots! After the hike, we found a geocache by the parking lot that we parked in. If you ever find yourself near Crescent City, I would highly recommend the Stout Grove hike!

Big Tree!

Tree climbing.
In a burnt tree.
State park sign.
More big trees.
Crossing the creek.
Even more big trees.
In the tree that we had to crawl into.
The trail.
Stout Grove.
Tree slide.
Poison oak!
I can’t believe how many big trees there are!
I think you have had a healthy dose of big tree pictures today
Tree trail.
I don’t even think that it is worth writing this, because you probably stopped looking at my big tree pictures by now.

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