Hole in the Rock, Piestewa peak hike, and dinner at Jerry and Shelia’s

Yesterday was a busy day. After lunch, we drove to Hole in the Rock, a cool rock formation in  Phoenix. We went on a very short walk to the hole in the rock, then we got back in the car and drove to Piestewa peak, a mountain just out side of Phoenix. Though the Piewesta Peak summit hike was only 1.1 miles either way, I was no easy hike. There was a 1,200  feet elevation gain, but it was well worth it. The top of the peak offered a beautiful view of Phoenix, and other surrounding areas. After making it back down the mountain, we got back into the car and drove twenty minutes to my dads aunt and uncle’s house for dinner. We were all quite hungry after the hike, and the dinner was very good. The other treat of going to other people’s houses is that we don’t get to go to real houses very often and it is always nice to be in a house for a change.

Hole in the Rock.
On Hole in the Rock.
At the top of Piestewa peak.
On our way back down.
Group picture.

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  1. All sounds great! Thanks for the updates and pictures! I’m sorry we missed that mountain when we were in Phoenix.

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