Happy Birthday Me

My 14 birthday was on Tuesday! We started of the day with my annual breakfast cereal (Chocolate Chex) then I opened my present from my parents, it was a camera! I was quite exited because I had been asking for a camera for a few months. After that I had to do school. (on my birthday, How unjust!) Then, after playing with some kids we met around the campground, we left for “Trees of Mystery” which I chose as my birthday activity. Trees of Mystery turned out to be very cool, it was kind of like an outdoor museum. It had lots of cool trees to look at, and it had a gondola that you could ride up to a lookout tower in. I must admit the gondola was a bit scary! After Trees of Mystery, we drove back to the RV to eat dinner (Skyline chili) and dessert. The cake that I chose might have been the best cake that I have ever tasted. It was a chocolate cake, with holes poked in it so that the melted caramel that we poured over the top would seep into the cake. Then we put caramel frosting on the top. Then to top it of, we spelled happy birthda (with a long a, because we couldn’t fit birthday on the cake) with crumbled up heath bars. After that, and after the other kids went to bed, me and my dad continued our tradition of watching a Harry Potter movie. When I turned ten, we watched the first movie, this year we watched the fifth movie! Overall it was a pretty great day!

My lunch.
Paul and Babe.
Elephant tree.
Tunnel tree.
Cathedral tree.
Cathedral tree again.
Tall tree!
The Brotherhood tree, the biggest tree at Trees of Wonder.
In the gondola.
Still in the gondola.
View from the viewpoint.
Inside a burnt tree.
The trail.
The Candelabra tree.
Paul’s friends.
Big squirrel!
Rose’s new friend.
Me and my camera.
Rose’s other new friend.
My birthda cake.

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  1. My deepest condolences for the demise of your unicycle! It served you well. Did you bury it?
    Your BD and pic’s look like fun. Looking forward to seeing you all in a few days! Love, mimi

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