Happy Birthday Elliot!

Today was Elliot’s birthday. Last night, we ate his cake, knowing that our dad would be in a plane to Cincinnati today after dinner. This morning, we did homeschooling as usual, after that Elliot opened his presents, which consisted of a trick scooter, a drone, and some clothes. After lunch, we went bowling, I came painstakingly close to my goal of 100 points with 97, but it was fun. Then we drove to drop my dad of at the airport, Aunt Mary and Cousin Hope’s flight was canceled, so they will be coming at around midnight. After the airport, we drove to Barnes and Noble, looked around for about an hour, then we went to Old Navy, to Elliot’s dismay. We ate pizza for dinner. At the current time, Mari and Elliot are pretending to fall asleep so that Lucia and Rose will fall asleep, then we will meet Hope and Mary at the campground gate.

Elliot Facts

He is very active, and will do anything to get you to go outside with him

Mostly listens to hit music, I am trying to train him to liking Twenty One Pilots

Favorite foods include, Skyline chili, and anything loaded with sugar

Plays piano, but expresses interest in the drums

He is in the middle of reading Harry Potter, and reads alot!

           He is exited to resume his soccer playing when we get back.

He skips and hops when he is bowling.

He helps get Rose to sleep every night.

He is loving, caring, and shares half of his gum.

He does not like shopping, but he likes bouncy balls

He likes to make people laugh, and is in the middle of creating his own language


And I, his loyal brother say that I put my leg behind me when I am bowling, but really I just kick it up.

New jacket.
Elliot bowling.
Me bowling.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elliot!”

  1. Happy birthday Elliot!!!!!!!!!! Keep up on the 21 pilots Education! That drone looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed that cake and that jacket is really cool.

  2. HBD Elli, love your bio that Andrew wrote! You are the family clown and you are definitely kind and sensitive. Love you a lot!

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