Today was Halloween, in case you forgot. That is mainly the reason that I named this post “Halloween!”. The other reason is that I really liked the post name “Halloween!”. So since it was Halloween we made costumes. Then we put the costumes on our bodies. Then we went to downtown Santa Cruz with our costumes on, and for some reason some people standing outside of the shops gave us these weird looking pieces of plastic with something really good tasting inside. I hope that is was edible, because I ate like one-thousand pieces of it. Their were also other people (mostly little people) eating the weird lumps of sweet stuff. I don’t know why little people are attracted to lumpy sweet stuff, but they were eating that stuff like their was no tomorrow! The best thing I got was  a weird substance that everyone was calling “cotton candy” I didn’t know what candy was, but I knew what cotton was. I tried to explain to them that where I’m from we stuff our coats and make shirts with cotton, and we certainly don’t eat it. Everyone just started laughing at me! Look momma, a stand up comedian, said some boy from the crowd. his mom just laughed and handed him a green piece of paper and he set it at my feet I tried eating it later, it didn’t taste very good. After I walked all around downtown I drove back to the RV park.

O.K. Sorry about my alien friend. I just had to pull him of the computer and send him to bed. I hope he didn’t give you too much false information… Wow, that was actually pretty accurate! Halloween is his favorite time of year, because everyone thinks that he is wearing a costume! here is what our day was like from my prospective. We weren’t sure what we were going to do for Halloween, so we asked some people around town. One person said that we should go downtown in the afternoon, and another said that we should go to a neighborhood close to our RV park called The Vineyards. We did both! The downtown trick or treating was fun, and we actually did get cotton candy! All of my hard work on the vending machine definetly payed of, everybody liked my costume, I had a lot of comments on it, and also a lot of people who asked if it worked. Unfortunately it didn’t work:( I had a plan to make it work, but with the limited resources that come with living in a travel trailer, I couldn’t pull it off. After wandering through downtown for a while, we finally went back to our car, and went back to our RV park. We had walking tacos for dinner. They were good, but we certainly missed our annual Halloween dinner with the Thompsons. After dinner, we drove to The Vineyards. Apparently half of the citizens of Scott’s Valley Trick or Treated in one neighBOOrhood (HAHAHAHAHAH) and the other half Trick or Treated in The Vineyards. I installed a box on the side of my vending machine right before we left for downtown, it held up well, but it took a heavy load of candy in the Vineyards and fell off. Luckily, we were able to retrieve all of the candy. other than that my costume had no malfunctions other than a piece candy falling off of a shelf in the vending machine. over all it was a very successful Halloween, except for the Astros losing. I will always remember the year that I had Halloween in Santa Cruz!

Elliot: Boat. Mari:British phone booth. Me: Vending machine. Lucia: Fairy. Rose: Wolf.
The sign behind us is kind of the logo for Santa Cruz. Though it is actually the logo of a famous skateboard shop in downtown.
Mari’s candy.
Lucia’s new hair.
“Thriller” flash mob.

2 thoughts on “Halloween!”

  1. That poor alien must have been so confused and afraid. At least he had a built in costume. Loved your costume AJ, it was a vending machine that took candy for free instead of giving it out for money, the best kind! Did they have the tradition of telling jokes? Iowas might be the only place that does that, after all we are unique in a lot of ways.
    So glad you had a fun and safe Halloween! May be your last x for t or t ing!
    Love, mimi

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