Goodbye Green Valley

We wrapped up our time at Mimi and Papa (our grandparents)’s house in Green Valley with a trip to Denny’s for a “fancy” dinner. We left this morning at 10:30, and picked our RV up from the storage place, then we hit the road. We made it the 4 hours to Las Cruces, New Mexico without making any stops. We finished the day with a chaotic trip to the grocery store.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Green Valley”

  1. It is so quiet here and I hate it! Seems like your family spends half your life at grocery stores. Good luck with the Safeway game and remember us when you win the big one! Love you all!

  2. Great view! Not as good, though, as the view of the Lieslands and Reagens they get in Des Moines or the Conners in KC.

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