Glacier Point

Yesterday, after homeschooling, work,etc, we drove back into Yosemite. This time our destination was Glacier Point. It took about as long to get to Glacier Point as it took us to get to Yosemite Valley, but in my opinion, it offered better views than you could get in the valley. We weren’t sure what we were going to do once we got there, but the thing to do seemed to be the Illilouette Falls hike the sign for the hike said that it was 1.5 miles to the falls. After 1.5 miles of hiking we realized that it was 1.5 miles a sign that said .9 miles to Illilouette Falls. Despite our destination turning out to be a rusty sign it was a very cool hike. it took us past some prairies, meadows, cliffs, and lots of trees, with a beautiful view of Yosemite valley in the background throughout the whole hike.

We ended up finishing our hike later than we had expected, or rather we forgot how early it was getting dark. We started the hike at around 5:00 and didn’t finish it until around 7:00. However it was worth having to do 1/4th of our hike in the dark to see the stars afterwards. there were probably more stars out than I had ever seen in my life.

Then we ate spaghetti and meatballs.

Kids picture with Half-Dome in the background.
On the trail.
At our destination.
The backside of Half-Dome.
Smoke in the valley.
There is still smoke in the valley.
The valley.
The sunset is progressing.
It’s still progressing.
Its progression has ran its course.
The moon peeking through the trees.
Nevada falls. We could only see this from a distance, but the zoom on my camera enhances the view.
On last picture of Half-Dome.

6 thoughts on “Glacier Point”

  1. Half Dome looks AMAZING!!!!!! Also, I love your hair in the “At our Destination” picture. Could you see the milky way galaxy? It probably was really easy to see without all the light pollution! I got to see it on a camp out this fall, and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!! Hope you enjoyed the spaghetti and meatballs!!

    1. Yes, we got to see the milky way! We had seen it in many other places as well. It makes you realize how much light pollution effects our view of the stars. Even in the burbs! Also, wait till the end of the year when my hair is like six inches long on the top!

  2. That smoke in the valley pic. sounds like potential song lyrics, I’ll have to work on that! Tell your sister, Mary she needs to smile more in pic’s (fake it if necessary!) Also tell her that her new hair color is lovely! Love, mimi

  3. AJ, I don’t know how to reply to your dad’s blogs. I wanted to tell him to bring home a chunk of that granite for my counter tops!

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