From Santa Cruz to Solidad Canyon

today we made the supposed to be six hour drive from Santa Cruz to 30 miles outside of Los Angeles in a small town called Acton. I said supposed to be six hours because it turned out to be more like 7.5 hours! The biggest holdup was that Google Maps told us to turn before we were supposed to, so we made it about a mile down the old beaten road with our travel trailer before realizing that we had gone the wrong way then we had to drive another mile to find a place to turn around! After this holdup we got back on track and made it to the campground checked in and unhitched in the dark. Then we ate Popcorn Chicken and Pancakes.

1 thought on “From Santa Cruz to Solidad Canyon”

  1. well as they say “the best of plans can go a stray. At least you finally arrived.
    Your dinner sounds great just not together! Ha! Sounds like a Costco ran is in your future.
    Lovely fall day here with sun and no wind! Miss you guys! Love, mimi

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