Friday Harbor.

Today (Saturday.) We took a ferry to San Juan Island. San Juan Island is the biggest island of the “San Juans.” A group of islands in the Puget Sound. After a 1 hour ferry ride we arrived at Friday Harbor. We spent the morning in the town shopping, I got a new hat. We had pizza for lunch, then we went to a local lavender farm. we spent some time in their gift shop, eating lavender ice cream, and drinking lavender lemonade. We then went out to the you pick fiels and picked a bouquet of lavender. After that we went to Lime Kiln State Park. Lime Kiln State Park is named for the company that made limestone into lime by burning the limestone under extreme heat. We got to see the lime kiln, then we went on a .4 mile hike back to our car. We grabbed some snacks from our car, then we went to a whale watching point right on the sound. We got very lucky and we saw 2 pods of killer whales swimming about a football field from where we were watching! We stayed longer than we had planned at the whale watching point so we didn’t have time to stop at another harbor we wanted to see. We then drove back to the ferry port, parked our car, and wandered around Friday Harbor. After that was another 1 hour long ferry ride.

On the ferry
Lavender farm.
Our personal lavender bouquet model.
New hat.

More orcas!
Our dream home:) If you look up the island that it is on you will find that it is tiny!

4 thoughts on “Friday Harbor.”

  1. Sure good it was Fri. when you went to Fri. Harbor! I love Ferry rides. You were very lucky to see whales. When we were there a lady had been there all day and hadn’t seen any!
    Take a pic. of the rocks you painted and post them.
    Lavender is my fav. smell as well as flower. I’ll bet it was beautiful!
    thanks for the update. Love, mimi

  2. Killer Whales, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never ever ever seen one before, were they huge?! In Hawaii, we saw humpback whales and dolphins right next to the boat, but not killer whales!
    That is awesome!

  3. Was that you guys in that video your dad posted in the boat watching the whales? They could have tipped you over like in the book papa just finished, a true story about a whaling boat. I’m glad I find out some of these things after the fact! Ha! Beautiful pic.’s
    I guess the ferry took your house (rv) too. Otherwise you’d be houseless!

  4. Cool new “big billed” hat. Those killer whales are real killers. Glad you didn’t fall in with them! You already live in a tiny house! Love, mimi

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