Emerald Isle

Today, at around 5, we drove 15 minutes to Emerald Isle. We had a beach in mind, though it took us some time to find a parking spot, we found one, and we spent an hour or so at the beach, throwing the frizbee (which got lost in the ocean), walking down the beach, dolphin watching, and kicking the soccer ball (which got popped on a yucca plant). Needless to say, it wasn’t a glorious day for our sports equipment. After the beach, we went into a souvenir shop, then we drove back to the RV.

On the beach.
Trying not to get my feet wet.
Skipping rocks.

2 thoughts on “Emerald Isle”

  1. Oh my and it still looks cold! Surprised there were yucca’s near by. As BeBob said you’re down to rocks !

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