City Park, and Loyola University.

Today, we went into City Park, a giant park in New Orleans We were not sure what to do, so after driving around aimlessly for a few minutes, we decided to go to a sculpture garden. We were pleasantly surprised by the sculpture garden, it even had some big name artists, such as Auguste Rodin, who made The Thinking Man, and Claes Oldenburg, who made the spoonbridge and Cherry, in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the sculpture garden closed 15 minutes after we had gotten there, so we had two find somewhere else to go, We went to a cool neighborhood right by Loyola University. We went to a playground and spent part of our afternoon in that park, then we went to another playground about half a mile from the other one.

Flower crowns.
Stacked Men/Spine.
Ladder to floating window.

Loyola (my dad got this picture to show his work, because Loyola is a Jesuit university.)
This is the sculpture made by the artist who mad The Thinking Man.
Is it two dogs, or is it a pig?
One last sculpture.

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  1. I think it looks like a pig, but when you zoom in, it looks like 2 dogs. What do you think it is?

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