Campground Life

It has been a quiet couple day at the campground. Yesterday we walked down to a lake that is very close to our campground, and hung out on the dock for a little bit. The campground we are staying at loaned us a cornhole set, so we have been using that for the last couple days. Yesterday evening we went to  the pool. Other than that, not much is going on.

On the dock.
Playing cornhole.

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  1. well I’m from Iowa and I don’t know what a” corn hole” set is! But from the pic. I think I now know but didn’t know the name. Auntie Mary gave us a Pickle Ball set for Christmas so we’ll play that in Az. It is becoming very popular as you may know from being in Ca. for 3 mo’s. Think it would be more conducive for papa and I to play than tennis!

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