Bryce Canyon Part 2

On Monday evening we Hiked to Mossy Cave. The hike was recommended to us by a park ranger. It was a short 1 mile round trip hike to a beautiful grotto. there was also a creek by the hike,so on the way back everyone except my mom hiked in the creek on the way back. The next day we went on a 2.5 mile hike on the rim trail we were searching for a bench mark to complete a challenge. That night we went on another hike on the rim trail that had some beautiful views. Then we went out for pizza.

Creek walking.
Rose on my shoulders.
View from Bryce point.

Bryce Canyon Top 5

5,The rim trail.

4,Bryce point.

3, Junior ranger program.

2, Creek walking.

1,The Navajo loop.

Next stop, Moab, Utah!!!!!! (Arches.)

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