Arches National Park

On Wednesday we arrived at Arches. After unhitching (Which did not involve my dad breaking his nose.) we went into to the park and drove to Balancing Rock, which is a tower rock that looks like it is about to fall! The next evening we drove to the Landscape Arch Trailhead and hiked one mile to Landscape Arch which is the longest arch in the park. On the way back we stopped at Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch.

This morning we went to the Delicate Arch Trailhead, it is a three mile round trip hike to The most popular hike in Arches (If you have seen a picture of Arches Delicate Arch was probably in it.) It was a very strenuous on the way up because it was all up hill the whole way, but the arch was definitely worth the hike. Delicate Arch was definitely my favorite arch because it was all alone and there were beautiful mountains in the background. I think we all enjoyed Arches very much.

Balancing Rock.
Balancing Rock again.
Pine Tree Arch.
Mule Deer
More hiking
Selfie by Landscape Arch
Landscape Arch.
The moon.

Arches top ten.
5,Balancing Rock.
3,Landscape Arch.
2,Learning about Arches.
1,Delicate Arch.

Next stop, Salt Lake City!!!!


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  1. well no wonder it’s called Arches State Pk. You all must be getting very stronger (stronger) leg muscles with all the hiking you do. At 4 yrs old Luie a quite the trooper! Fun seeing you all on TV last night! You all looked great and seemed happy, of course you were in a lake so naturally you’d be happy!
    Love you all! mimi

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